Immigration Court and Relief from Deportation

The deportation defense team understands the stress that individuals and families in removal proceedings experience.  We know that the process is complicated and often confusing. We take care to ensure that your clients are fully informed about each step of the process, options for defenses to remain in the United States, and strategies for developing the best case.

Although people in immigration court can have an attorney, one will not be appointed.  Because it is very difficult to represent yourself effectively, an attorney is essential to providing the best defense.  Choosing an attorney can be overwhelming.  Our team strives to ensure that the initial consultation with an attorney provides a meaningful opportunity for prospective clients to have questions answered about how we work with clients, our strategy for fighting removal, and costs of representation.

In representing individuals and families before the Immigration Judge, we are committed to using the most effective strategies to successfully fight removal. We are devoted to presenting the strongest case possible on your behalf.  We are committed to working closely with our clients to determine the best legal strategy.  We make certain our clients understand the type of case we are presenting, what we have to prove to win the case, the evidence we will need to prove the elements of the case, and the strengths and weaknesses of each client’s case.  In addition to working with an attorney who has extensive experience practicing before the Denver immigration courts, our clients are paired with an experienced paralegal. Throughout the case we work closely with our clients to discuss how to constantly make the case as strong as possible.  We make sure that every piece of evidence and legal strategy is part of your removal defense.

Please call on us. Our team is here for you.