Stern & Curray now provides global immigration services to our clients. We understand that in order to compete in today’s global economy, you must be able to move your people wherever needed.  In order to meet your global needs, we have created a dedicated team to handle virtually any type of visa from any country to any country in the world.

Our mission at Stern & Curray is to serve as your trusted advisors. For many years we have provided the highest levels of expertise, dedication, and service to our clients in handling U. S. immigration matters.  We now offer the same level of expertise, dedication, and service to provide a wide range of global immigration services. We can also assist in the strategic planning process so our clients can best utilize their global human resources capital.  Our dedicated global team can create specific action plans for each situation and then handle the entire process from start to finish, freeing you from the time and stress involved in obtaining visas, work permits, and residency status to support the global movement of key employees.

We are excited about our new services and look forward to helping you open even more doors to the world for your team.