Business Planning

Stern & Curray assists clients with acquiring new talent and ensuring that companies retain the talent that they have invested in and relied upon.  In some cases, employers find that their business either will become, or has become, dependent on foreign nationals.  As companies look to grow and expand, ensuring that appropriate professionals are available is vital to the growth plans of many companies.  We serve as counselors for our business clients to help them understand, from an immigration law point of view, where and when expansion is possible, and how to staff a business that employs foreign nationals in the most efficient and cost effective way.  This includes exploring options for new and existing companies currently outside of the United States.

Similarly, Stern & Curray creates immigration policies for our clients that can assist in the recruiting and retention of foreign nationals.  Just as a company has a written plan for employee benefits and retirement accounts, establishing a written plan for immigration can demonstrate that a company is committed to its employees and their families and provide a clear incentive for an employee to remain on the team. In addition, companies can create a good reputation in specific nationality communities that will enhance its recruitment opportunities.

Additionally, entrepreneurs may use the commencement of a business as a path to permanent residence or legal status in the United States.  For those individuals, Stern & Curray offers a variety of services to ensure that your business plan meets the requirements of Department of Homeland Security and Department of State examiners.  This ranges from review and modification of existing business plans to the creation of a comprehensive plan with financial projections that can be used in visa applications and as a roadmap for a new or expanding business.