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DACA: What Remains?

Despite the Recent Ruling in United States v. Texas, the DACA Program Remains in Place and its Process Remains Unchanged Recently, the Supreme Court released a per curium opinion in the case United States v. Texas. The result of a 4 to 4 deadlock on the Court, the decision affirmed the lower court’s judgement, which had placed a hold on the … read more

Immigration Blog

Obama Administration Contemplating Ending For-Profit Immigration Detention Centers

In August, the Federal Government announced its decision to end the use of for-profit prisons to hou[...]

The "Crime of Violence" Category in Immigration Law may soon be Void for Vagueness

In a 2015 case called Lynch v. Dimaya, the 9th Circuit held that 18 USC § 16(b), the statute that de[...]

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